If a Service Offering SLA definition has been created (for example, using the SLAs module under Business Services) and is then linked to a contract, the SLA may immediately get cancelled when it is linked to a record. This can only happen if the Service Portfolio Management - SLA Commitments and SLA Contract Add-on plugins are both installed.

One of the tests to see if an SLA should be cancelled checks if the SLA is a Service Offering one and then tests if the CI on the incident still matches the Service Offering CI. In this case there won't be a match because the SLA is now being used via a Contract link instead so the SLA is cancelled immediately after being attached.

Steps to Reproduce 

  1. Install the Service Portfolio Management - SLA Commitments (with demo data) and SLA Contract Add-on plugins.
  2. Navigate to Contract Management > Service and create a new contract record.
  3. On the new contract form, personalize the related lists to add SLAs to the form.
  4. Enter a Name and Company for the contract.
  5. Save the record.
  6. Relate SLA P1 Resolution 1hr 24x7 (a Service Offering SLA definition) to the contract.
  7. Navigate to the All properties module
  8. Search for the property named com.snc.sla.contract.tables.
  9. Update the property to be: fsm_service_order,incident.
  10. Navigate to Incident > Create New.
  11. Personalize the form to add the fields Company and Contract.
  12. Complete the Incident form ensuring you enter the Company you chose for the contract created in step 2. Fill in the appropriate contract on the incident. Set the Impact to 1 and the Urgency to High.
  13. Save the record.
    Note that a P1 Resolution 1hr 24x7 is attached to the incident, but it has a Stage of Cancelled.


Change the Class field to SLA on any SLA Definitions for record types that they are going to use Contract style matching.

Related Problem: PRB586883

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Berlin Patch 8

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