Displayed related lists do not show when exporting for tables (u_project_dependencies, u_project_issues, u_project_action_items, and u_project_risks).

The information is displayed on the screen for the role project_manager; however, when the user exports to PDF, the tables are not showing.

Steps to Reproduce

To reproduce :

  1. Log in to a demo instance. 
  2. Impersonate a user that has read access to all the tables, and then load a problem record. 
  3. Notice the Project Action Items related list contains 1 record.
  4. Right-click on the form's header and select: Export > PDF (Portrait).
  5. Notice that the exported PDF does not have the Project Action Items related list.

Step 1. Allow related list tabs to export to PDF.

  1. Open the Export context menu.
  2. Rename to Export2.
  3. Remove all conditions.
  4. Insert into DB.
  5. Open the PDF context menu.
  6. Change name to PDF2.
  7. Change parent to export2.
  8. Insert into DB.
  9. Open Portrait context menu.
  10. Rename to portrait2.
  11. Change parent to PDF2. 

Step 2. Select an incident with a related list.

  1. Select the SLA tab.
  2. Select the gear to customize.
  3. Add time zone as fourth column.

Step 3. Recreate the problem.

  1. The SLA list now shows time zones. 
  2. Edit Time zone for any SLA. 
  3. Select header >Export2 >PDF2 >Portrait2.
  4. Select download and open the exported file.
    The time zone column is displayed on the screen and missing from the PDF export.



This problem occurs due to a customization in the context menu. Such customization is then not "followed" by both the import/export as well as reporting. For that reason, we recommend not modifying or customizing the context menu. 

Related Problem: PRB584549

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Aspen Patch 5

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