When receiving an email from an email address such as, the system will strip the "" and try to validate the username against only everything before that (in this example, just "abc"). In some situations, the sender does not have an account in ServiceNow but might happen to have a prefix matching the username (for example, of an inactive account, therefore it will not create an email.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Configure the SMTP relay so users are sending emails to, where this would relay to the instance email (
  2. Create a user account on the instance where the email is and the name of the account is Help.
    There is no account for
  3. Use Inbound Action.
  4. Send an email to to raise incident.
    Note that the caller is set to the user account with email


This is a duplicate of PRB567028. See KB0521654 for more information.

Related Problem: PRB577422

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