Enabling the Reference float functionality on an extended table


The Edit button is available for related lists that represent many-to-many and one-to-many relationships. The Edit button appears on a one-to-many relationship if the Reference floats option in the dictionary entry is selected for the reference field. For example, if the Edit button is made available in the Incident related list on the Problem form, it allows users to assign incidents to a problem via the interface.

Note: If your related list represents a many-to-many relationship, right-click the related list header, select Personalize > List Control, and click the Enable Edit button to make the Edit button available on the related list.



To enable the reference float functionality on a one-to-many related list:

    1. Navigate to the related list that is missing the Edit button.

    1. Open a record from the related list.

    1. Right-click the field that creates the relationship with the parent table and select Personalize > Dictionary. For example, when troubleshooting the Task SLA related list on the Incident form, the Task field is the field that creates the relationship with the Incident [incident] table.

      The Dictionary Entry form appears.

    2. Select the Reference floats option.

    1. Click Update.

  1. Return to the parent form and verify that the Edit button appears in the related list.

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Last Updated:2019-08-02 21:35:19