Obtaining the Message ID to troubleshoot the mail server


If an email is listed in the Sent mailbox, but was not received, there may be an issue with the mail server. Obtain the Message ID and include it in an incident or similar communication.



To obtain the Message ID:

    1. Navigate to System Mailboxes > Outbound > Sent.

      The list of all email messages that have been processed appears.

    1. Open the record of the email that was not received.

    1. Right-click the form header and select Personalize > Form Layout.

    1. Add Message ID to the Selected column and click Save.

      The Message ID field appears on the form.

  1. If using a ServiceNow mail server, open an incident and add the Message ID. If using a different mail server, send the Message ID to the administrator of the mail system.


Video Tutorial

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