Verify that the events process job is running


If there is a backlog of unprocessed events in the event log, there may be an issue with the events process job. The events process job searches for emails that have a State of Ready, and then it processes the requests.



To review the events process job:

    1. Navigate to System Scheduler > Today's Scheduled Jobs.

    1. In the Go to field, select Name and search for *events process.

    1. Open the events process record.

Schedule Item form with event process record details, including Next action and State, and options to Update or Delete

    1. Check the Next action field. When email notifications function properly, the value of this field, which indicates the next time the job runs, is usually not more than a few minutes from the time you opened the record. If it is more than a few minutes, look at the State.

    1. Check the State field.

        1. Error or Queued: Change the State to Ready and click Update.

      1. Ready or Running: If the value of the Next action field is more than a few minutes from the time you opened the record, open an incident ticket and include the value.

  1. Right-click the form header and choose Reload Form.

    The Next action field value should update. If the value is unchanged, open an incident and include the value.


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