Verifying if a business rule is defining the view on a form 


The view used on a form can be controlled by specifying the sysparm_view parameter in the URL or module properties, or by inheriting the view from the previous form or list. However, in some cases this does not apply, for example, when opening a referenced field form from a record producer. In this example, an administrator may want to control the view of the form based on roles.

To see an example of controlling the view of the user form, refer to Restrict Form Views by Role.



To verify if a business rule is defining the view on a form:

    1. Navigate to System Definition > Business Rules.

    1. Create the following filter: Script | contains | <table name>GetViewName. The GetViewName function is used to retrieve the name of a control-specific view

    1. Click Run.

  1. If there are any results, it is possible that the business rule is setting the view for the form. To confirm, disable the business rule and test the form view to verify if the issue is resolved. If the issue continues to exist, contact ServiceNow Customer Support. 

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