Verify that a module is defining the form view


Administrators define a view for each module. When a user selects a different view, it is saved as a user preference for that list or form. The administrator-defined view on a module will be applied unless a user has a saved preference, in which case the preferred view will be applied. For more information, refer to View Management in the ServiceNow product documentation.



To identify the view specified for a module:

    1. In the navigation pane, right-click the module icon and select Edit Module.

    1. In the Module form, verify that the View name field appears. If the field does not appear, add it by personalizing the form layout. For instructions, refer to Personalizing Forms in the ServiceNow product documentation.

      Note: The View name field is only visible when the module link type is set to one of the following options: List Filter, List of Records, New Record, Search Screen, or Single Record.

      Module form with arrow pointing to the View name field.

    2. In the View name field, check which view is specified for the module. If the View name field references an incorrect view, then update the View name value.

  1. Impersonate a user and navigate to the form to verify that the correct view appears. If an incorrect view appears, refer to Incorrect view displays on a form.

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