Errors Generated from Solaris "awk" Utility During Discovery


During Discovery of a Solaris 10 system, the following error was received: 

System Configuration: Sun Microsystems sun4u
awk: syntax error at source line 437
context is
modelname=10*sprintf >>> "%d\n" <<< , ((cpuclock/10)+0.5)
awk: illegal statement at source line 437
awk: syntax error at source line 444



The error was generated from the Solaris awk utility. It appeared that the awk binary generating the error was corrupt.

For a quick workaround, copy the awk binary from another Solaris 10 host server where the awk utility is working correctly, and replace the awk binary on the host server where it is not working correctly.

Replacing the awk binary fixed the issue so Discovery could run normally.

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Last Updated:2015-05-02 12:11:53