Verifying the auto-complete suggestions are properly configured


The system dictionary is a table, called Dictionary Entries [sys_dictionary], that contains details for each table in an instance. Administrators can make changes to the system dictionary that will affect functionality. The system dictionary provides customization options for tables and fields, which in turn define lists and forms. However, there are simpler user interfaces that can be used for common tasks, such as creating new tables and fields, rather than modifying the system dictionary directly. 

If the dictionary entry is not appropriately configured, it can cause several unexpected behaviors on a form, such as the auto-compete suggestion not working in a reference field. When troubleshooting field behavior, an important field to consider is Attributes. This field alters the behavior of a field or functionality that depends on the field. The attribute that corresponds to the auto-complete functionality is ref_auto_completer. This dictionary attribute specifies the name of a JavaScript class (client side) that creates the auto completion choice list. Valid class values are AJAX ReferenceCompleter, AJAXTableCompleter, and AJAXReferenceChoice.  


To verify that the auto-complete suggestions on a reference field are properly configured:

  1. Navigate to the form that is experiencing unexpected reference field behavior.
  2. Right-click on the field label and select Personalize Dictionary. Alternatively, navigate to System Definition > Dictionary to view the system dictionary as a list and open a dictionary entry for a field or table. The dictionary form appears.
  3. Verify the data in the dictionary entry form for the broken reference field. For details on each of the fields that appear in the system dictionary, refer to Modify Dictionary Entries.
  4. Fields that influence the auto-complete suggestions are: 
    TypeDefines the field type of the column.
    Max lengthLimits the length of a field.
    ReferenceDefines the table being referenced.
    AttributesAlters the behavior of a field or functionality that depends on the field. For details on auto-complete attributes for fields in a table that do not already have their own auto-complete attributes, see Auto-complete for reference fields.
    Reference qualFilters the records available for a reference field. 

    : If there is a similar or same field on another form that is working, compare the two dictionary entries and make the necessary changes to make them consistent.

    After the necessary changes are made to the dictionary entry, click Update and test the auto-complete suggestions to verify the issue no longer exists.
Note: For details on configuring additional auto-complete options, see Auto-complete for reference fields


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