After an upgrade, the Upgrade History date displays corrupt time values


After upgrading to the Calgary release, the Upgrade History module displays an incorrect date and format, such as 04-07-0023, as the date that the upgrade was finished. This happens when the system uses a display value and an internal value to calculate an incorrect result.

This issue is caused by the way that the upgrade finished time is calculated within the [sys_upgrade_history] table.



The best way to know when an upgrade is successfully completed is to configure the instance to send an email when this action is triggered. This is more accurate than relying on the upgrade finished time in the Upgrade History module.

As a workaround, create a completed upgrade notification

Alternatively, add a date/time field to the [sys_upgrade_history] table and apply a business rule that updates the user-defined field with Now when the upgrade finish date changes. After setting this business rule, the value can be viewed in the System Upgrade list.

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Last Updated:2017-09-20 14:29:32