Contract Management no longer appears in the application navigator after an upgrade


After an upgrade, the Contract Management no longer appears in the application navigator. When checking the Contract Management [com.snc.contract_management] plugin record, there is no entry of an upgrade.






Administrators can use the upgrade history module to locate and resolve upgrade conflicts and to revert customizations to out-of-box versions. Dispositions tracks the action taken on each record, such as whether the record is updated. The upgrade process automatically skips (disposition of Skipped) customized objects. 

To revert a customized object to a system default version after an upgrade:

    1. Navigate to System Definition > Plugins.

    1. Verify the Managed Documents and Contract Management plugins are activated. For instructions on activating a plugin, refer to Activating ServiceNow Plugins in the ServiceNow product documentation.

      Note: To use terms and conditions in Contract Management, you must activate the Managed Documents plugin.

    2. In the System Plugin form, click the Activate/Update link.

    1. In the dialog window, clear the Load demo data check box to run the upgrade without loading demo data.

    1. Click Upgrade.

    1. When the upgrade process is complete, navigate to System Diagnostics > Upgrade History. The upgrade history module tracks every upgrade made to an instance. For additional information, refer to Upgrade History in the ServiceNow product documentation.

    1. Search for the system upgrade records that have com.snc.contract_managment in the To column.

    1. If there are record with values in the Skipped field, right-click the Skipped column header and select Group By Skipped and view the records with skipped values greater than 0.

      Note: When the Disposition is Skipped, an upgrade component was not applied because the user has customized the component.

    2. From the list of skipped records, open the record with a Type of Application Menu. This is the application entry that should have been installed, but was not.

  1. Open all the skipped records and revert them to the out-of-box version by clicking the Revert to Out of Box button on the Upgrade Details related list.

    Note: ServiceNow upgrades are skipping records like that in order to preserve any customization that was made.

    Upgrade Details form displaying Skipped records and options to Update, Revert to Out of Box, and Delete in the lower left corner.


  2. After all the skipped records are reverted to the out-of-box version, run the activated/upgraded process again for both the Managed Documents and Contract Management plugins.

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