In the Knowledge module, the TinyMCE editor is using relative links to link to absolute paths.

Steps to Reproduce 

  1. Navigate to Knowledge Base > Create New.
  2. Enter some words in the Text field.
  3. Highlight any word.
  4. Click the Insert/edit link button  on the TinyMCE editor toolbar.
  5. Note your instance URL,
    For example, http://localhost:8080.
  6. Enter the link <instanceURL>/ess/main.do.
    For example http://localhost:8080/ess/main.do.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Place the cursor in the middle of the link text and click the Insert/edit link button  again.
    The link is now ess/main.do.
  9. View the article in the CMS.
  10. Click on the link.
    The link is now /ess/ess/main.do.


Add an onLoad client script to the kb_knowledge table or any other table where this issue occurs:

function onLoad() {
tinyMCE.settings.convert_urls = false;
tinyMCE.settings.remove_script_host = false;
tinyMCE.settings.relative_urls = false;

Alternatively, create the system property glide.ui.html.editor.remove_host with the value false

Related Problem: PRB580960

Seen In

Berlin Patch 10
Berlin Patch 3 Hot Fix 1
Calgary Patch 2
Calgary Patch 2 Hot Fix 12
Calgary Patch 2 Hot Fix 5
Calgary Patch 3 Hot Fix 1
Dublin Patch 1
Dublin Patch 8 Hot Fix 4
Eureka Patch 4
Eureka Patch 4 Hot Fix 1
Eureka Patch 4 Hot Fix 4
Eureka Patch 5
Eureka Patch 6
Fuji Patch 1
Fuji Patch 2 Hot Fix 1
Geneva Patch 3 Hot Fix 2

Fixed In

Berlin Patch 9
Dublin EA 0

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