Asset Management did not get upgraded (Calgary Release)

  • When upgrading my instance to the Calgary release, the Asset Management application does not get upgraded.
  • Warehouse records are not migrated to the Calgary release.



This issue is caused when a user manually adds warehouse records in the Aspen release. After the instance is upgraded to Berlin, warehouses are migrated to stockrooms using a job script. Any additional warehouse records created after the migration to stockrooms is complete will not be transferred when upgrading to Calgary. During this upgrade, the job script used to migrate warehouses to stockrooms is not run again. Therefore, any additional warehouses added after the upgrade to Berlin do not appear after the instance is upgraded to Calgary.



If Asset Management, warehouses, inventory, or transfer orders were used in a release prior to the Berlin release, any records created during the Berlin release must manually be transferred when upgrading to the Calgary or any subsequent release.

If you are using Asset Management in a release prior to Berlin and upgrading soon, refer to Asset Management in the ServiceNow product documentation for additional information.

Note: If there are configuration items you want to manage as assets in the Berlin or a later release, refer to Create Asset Classes.


Note: If Asset Portfolio was disabled in a release prior to Berlin, the updated Asset Management application cannot be viewed in the Berlin or any subsequent release.


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Last Updated:2017-10-23 16:19:26