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Your settings can be configured to ignore certain inbound emails based on their criteria. This prevents certain emails, such as out-of-office replies, from creating incidents. Additionally, administrators can configure specific email filtering preferences by using a condition builder or a condition script.

For more information, please refer to the Email Filters documentation.


To prevent certain emails from creating or updating incidents:

  1. Navigate to System Properties > Email.

  2. Verify that the properties listed in the table are correctly defined.


    Ignore inbound email if the subject line starts with any of the following:Enter a comma-separated list of strings that cause the instance to ignore an email message if they are present at the start of a subject line. These values are case-sensitive.
    List of senders whose inbound emails will be ignored

    Enter a comma-separated list of senders that cause the instance to ignore an email message. Enter only the name before the at (@) sign.

    Ignore inbound email with these headers (comma-separated list of name:value pairs).

    Enter a comma-separated list of email headers that cause the instance to ignore an email message. Use the format name:value to specify email header types and values. You can use a wildcard (*) for the subtype. For example, Content-Type:multipart/*; report-type=delivery-status; ignores emails containing a type of multipart and a parameter of report-type=delivery-status. For syntax specifications, see http://www.w3.org/Protocols/rfc1341/4_Content-Type.html.


  3. Click Save.

Additional Information

For details about other properties that are used to configure email processing in ServiceNow, see the product documentation topic Email Properties.

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