Configuring Advanced Inbound Settings | Inbound Email


When logging in to a server to either send or receive an email, the user must be authenticated. This means that the user name and password must be sent over a connection in order to authorize the user. Users have the option to use secure encrypted connections for this (Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption). 

In some cases, the POP server requires that the Connect to POP server using SSL encryption setting be enabled. However, most of the time, this setting is disabled since most POP servers do not require that data be encrypted between servers and clients. 



To set up the POP Server advanced settings:

  1. Navigate to System Properties > Email.
  2. Verify that the following properties are correctly defined:

    Connect to POP server using SSL encryption.Controls whether the instance connects to the incoming POP mail server using SSL encryption. 

  3. Click Save.


Additional InformationFor details on other email properties that are used to configure email processing in ServiceNow, see Email Properties.

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