Enabling Email Receiving


Email notifications use the email properties defined in the System Properties > Email module. If the email sent does not appear in the Inbox or Received folder, the instance may not have the system properties configured correctly. Follow the steps below to verify that the system configuration is set up properly. For more information, see Email Setup in the ServiceNow product documentation.

Note: If the mail server is not a ServiceNow server, contact the system administrator to verify that the email message was delivered.


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To enable email receiving:

    1. Log in to your instance.

    1. Navigate to System Properties > Email.

  1. In the Email Properties window, verify that the Enable email receiving (POP3) property is marked as Yes. This property is used to enable or disable the POP3 mail reader. 

    Note: This setting only applies if you are using an internal POP3 mail server that is also used as the POP Server.

    Enable email receiving (POP3) option with Yes or No checkbox

    Once the property is set to Yes, queued emails on the mail server are automatically delivered. If the instance still prevents you from receiving emails, create an incident and provide the Message ID.

  2. Click Save.

Additional InformationFor details on other email properties that are used to configure email processing in ServiceNow, see Email Properties



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