Enabling Email Sending


If an email notification fails to send from your instance and does not appear in the Outbox, the system properties that control email notifications may not be configured properly. For more information, see Email properties in the ServiceNow product documentation.



To verify that the system properties are accurately configured:

    1. Log in to your instance.
    2. Navigate to System Properties > Email.
    3. Verify that the Enable email sending (SMTP) property is marked as Yes.
    4. Click Save.

Additional InformationFor details on other email properties that are used to configure email processing, refer to Email Properties in the ServiceNow product documentation. 


Video Tutorial

ServiceNow video tutorials are a great way to help find solutions. These video tutorials guide you, step-by-step, to a solution and provide common troubleshooting methods. This tutorial covers common issues, their causes, and the required steps to resolve them. 

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