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Use the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) mail server settings to configure the user name and password you use to send email from your instance. Most commonly, these properties are automatically set when the instance is provisioned. It is highly recommended that you avoid modifying these settings. These settings should only be modified if you want to use your own SMTP server, the password is known, and you are able to confirm that the instance can communicate via Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)/Internet Protocol (IP) with your mail server. It is also important to verify that the mail server administrators are expecting to receive communications from the instance, so they can white list the IP addresses. Before modifying the SMTP Server settings, verify that the Enable email sending (SMTP) property is enabled. For information on how to enable the outgoing mail server, refer to Enable Email Sending


Important: The following information applies only to users with a private or custom SMTP email server. When selecting the standard configuration using ServiceNow SMTP and POP3, ServiceNow manages and maintains the email settings that rely on its own servers and infrastructure.




To set up the email user name and password:

    1. Navigate to System Properties > Email

    1. Verify that the following properties are correctly defined:


      Outgoing (SMTP) mail serverSpecify the address of the outgoing SMTP mail server. This sever is also used as the incoming mail server if one is not specified. This server must be accessible from the ServiceNow domain. SMTP requires port 25 unless you specify another port with glide.smtp.port. Leave this value blank to disable outgoing email.
      User email (for example, helpdesk@company.com) that is used to log in to the SMTP serverEnter the email address you want to use for SMTP authentication. The string before the @ (such as helpdesk) is used as the incoming POP account name if one is not specified.  
      Outgoing email display nameSpecify the display name for the SMTP email address.
      Authenticate with the SMTP server using the user name and password propertiesUse this check box to specify whether to authenticate the outgoing SMTP mail server with the credentials provided in the user name (glide.email.user) and password (glide.email.user_password) properties. 
      Outgoing (SMTP) mail server passwordSpecify the password for the outgoing SMTP mail server. This is used as the incoming (POP) mail server password if one is not specified.


  1. Click Save
Note: These settings are also used for the POP Server if one is not specified in the POP Server Settings.


Additional InformationFor details on other properties that are used to configure email processing in ServiceNow, see Email Properties

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