Configuring Test Email Adresses, Journal Entries, and Time Zone Format | Outbound Email

  • While testing email notifications, unintentionally send unwanted emails.
  • Email notifications do not show all of the activity log.
  • When an email is sent, the current time zone is not applied to the date and time.


  • There is no test user email address where all emails are sent.
  • The number of journal entries is not defined.
  • The time zone property is disabled.



Administrators can control the number of journal entry notifications that are sent, set up a test email address to receive messages during testing, and add the time zone values to sent emails. There are three types of journal fields: journal, journal_list, and journal_input. They each behave differently. For more information, see Using Journal Fields

All times are stored in the platform in Universal Coordinated Time. They are displayed globally based on the system time zone, but are displayed to users in their local time zone, according to user preferences. The notification system uses the System time zone for its date and time stamp rather than the time zone of any recipient. For more information, see Using Time Zones.

To configure email properties for testing and general formatting:

    1. Navigate to System Properties > Email.
    2. Verify that the following properties are set correctly.

      Number of journal entries (Additional comments, Work notes, etc.) included in the email notifications (-1 means all).Define the number of entries from a journal field (such as Additional comments and Work notes) included in email notifications. A value of -1 includes all journal entries.
      Email address to which all emails will be sent.Enter a test email address to which the instance will send all email messages. This property prevents emails from being sent to real users during testing.

      Note: Typically used in non-production instances for testing purposes.

      Append the time zone to all dates and times in outbound emails.

      The instance appends the system time zone to date or date/time values in outbound emails. For example, 2010-07-02 04:01:14 PST.

    3. Click Save.


Additional InformationFor details on other properties that are used to configure email processing in ServiceNow, see Email Properties


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