32-bit MID server will not start on 64-bit Linux - (Tested on Centos 6.2 - which means RHEL 6.2 will also be affected. Also tested on Fedora 20.).

An error similar to the following will be received:

Starting SNC Discovery Engine Application...
bin/ /midserver/agent/bin/./wrapper: /lib/ bad ELF interpreter: No such file or directory
bin/ line 390: /midservej/agent/bin/./wrapper: Success





The 32-bit GNU C Libraries have been deprecated in newer versions of Linux, as the 64-bit libraries are now the "default" libraries in Linux OOB.

If using the 32-bit version of the MID server (in *any* version of ServiceNow), on a version of Linux where the 32-bit libraries have been deprecated, one will encounter this issue.




If running Dublin+ releases of ServiceNow where 64-bit MID servers are available; install the 64-bit MID server in preference to the 32-bit MID server.

In pre-Dublin releases where only 32-bit MID servers are available, please do the following:

Install the 32-bit GNU C Library: glibc.i686 on the Linux host server.

Once the 32-bit library has been installed on the Linux host server, one should be able to start the MID server normally.

For RHEL-based Linux distributions do the following from the root account on the Linux host server:

# yum install glibc.i686

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