Resizing the Calendar on a Schedule Page 


Specific applications in the ServiceNow platform generate graphical calendar displays based on schedule pages. Schedule pages are records that contain the scripts that determine the functionality of the graphical display. The schedule pages can be displayed in a daily, weekly, or monthly view. Because of the heavy degree of scripting involved in a schedule page, most instances should use the default schedule pages in the base platform. 




The schedule page uses a URL with a series of parameters attached to generate the graphical display. However, the height and width of a calendar using schedule pages can be modified by editing the init function. This function assigns default values to each field in the record. 

To modify the size of a schedule page view:

    1. Log into your instance.

    1. Navigate to System Scheduler > Schedule Pages.

    1. Search for and select the schedule page you want to modify.

  1. In the init function, modify the MAX_HEIGHT of the rows by adding the following code: 

    GwtCalendarViewMonthly.prototype.MAX_HEIGHT = 20

  2. Click Update or Save

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Last Updated:2018-12-17 10:53:17