Unexpected choice options appear in a choice list field


Unexpected or incorrect set of choices appear in a choice list field.



When a choice list is dependent on the content of another field, mismatched parent and child values can cause unexpected choice options to appear in a choice list.



A choice list is a type of field that allows the user to select from a pre-defined set of choices. Users can specify when the values of one field depend on the values of another field (parent field). This is accomplished by defining a dependent value in the choice record that sets its choice list based on the value of the parent field. If the choice list is dependent on another field, users must first enter the value of the parent field for dependent values to appear. 

For example, in the Incident form, Category is a parent field and Subcategory is a child field. First the Category value on the incident must be selected and then the Subcategory choice list populates the set of choices. The Subcategory choice list is recalculated every time the Category value is changed. When the Category field is updated, the Subcategory values are refreshed to display the proper dependent values. For additional information, see Choice Lists in the product documentation.

To verify the choice list values are properly matched to parent value:

    1. Navigate to the form that contains the choice list field you want to review.
    2. Right-click the dependent field label that is showing unexpected values and select Show Choice List.
      The Choice entries for all the parent field values are shown. Parent values are stored in the Dependent value field.

      Choice List Dependent Value

      Note: If the Dependent value column does not appear in the Choices list, use the Personalize List functionality to add the column.

    3. Use the Dependent value field to verify the dependent values are properly matched to the parent field. If these values do not match, make the appropriate changes to the affected records.

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