Troubleshooting case where all users experience performance issues on all applications

  • Transactions take longer than expected. 
  • Unable to connect to the instance. 
  • Low or out of memory alerts appear.
  • Some Java applications use a lot of memory compared to native applications.
  • Program absorbs more and more system memory as it runs.
  • Stats and threads are accessible, but the user interface is not.


  • There is no network connectivity. 
  • Network issues exist between the instance and user.
  • The Java Virtual Machine (JVM) memory utilization level is high or the memory heap is not big enough to store all data. 
  • A large number of calls are made to the database, which causes high disk input/output (I/O) on the database server.
  • The central processing unit (CPU) load on the server is too high.
  • There is a high level of transaction concurrency.




Prior to completing the following steps, collect the necessary information needed to troubleshoot the performance issue. For more information, see Gathering node data via and


To troubleshoot slow performance experienced by all users on all applications:

  1. Test the network connectivity to the instance and verify that there are no existing issues. For more information, see Managing network connectivity.  
  2. Verify that the instance is not running out of JVM memory. For more information, see Identifying abnormal JVM memory utilization.
  3. Verify that the instance is not experiencing high concurrency. For more information, see Identifying high transaction concurrency


The ServiceNow internal role is required to complete the following steps:
  1. Verify that the disk I/O does not indicate overuse or high levels of saturation. For more information, see Identifying high disk I/O on the database server.
  2. Verify that there are sufficient CPU resources to satisfy demand. For more information, see Identifying high CPU utilization on the server.  

If the issue continues to exist after following the steps in this article:


InformationFor more information on how to submit an incident, see Customer Support.



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