Error: “The reference to entity "PS" must end with the ';' delimiter” 


When rendering a user interface (UI) page, the following error appears: The reference to entity "PS" must end with the ';' delimiter.

The error can vary depending on the content of the UI page. This error appears when a value that includes special characters is rendered. Characters such as <, >, `, or & are not escaping.



This issue is resolved by modifying the UI page and using a script method that addresses fields and their values.

To update the UI page:

    1. Navigate to System UI > UI Pages.

    1. Search for and select the UI page record you want to update.

  1. In the HTML pane, add the getHTMLValue()script method to each displayed element. This script method is used to get the HTML value of a field and address escaping special characters.

    For example, a UI page that displays the short_description element as ${gp.short_description} should be changed to ${gp.short_description.getHTMLValue()}.

  2. Click Update to save changes to the record.

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Last Updated:2019-08-02 21:40:35