Cannot add fields from an extended table to a base table list 


A base table list displays open tasks, such as an incident. However, this data is stored and run on the task table and incident-specific fields cannot be added.



Administrators can configure whether fields on extended tables can be added to base table lists. For example, when this feature is enabled, you can view and filter on the caller_id field (from the incident table) on a task table list (such as the My Work list).

For detailed steps on how to allow extended fields on a base table list, refer to Configure the list layout in the ServiceNow product documentation.

To add extended fields to a list:

    1. Navigate to the list you want to update.
    2. Right-click a column header and select Personalize > List Layout.
    3. Scroll to the bottom of the Available slushbucket to see a list of available extended fields and tables. 
      Note: Available items that are followed by a plus (+) sign represent related tables. To access fields on these tables, use dot-walking.
    4. Select the extended table that contains the field you want to include in the list.
    5. Click the Expand selected reference field () icon to view all the fields related to the form.
    6. Select the columns and the order in which you want them to appear.
    7. Click Save.

Note: This functionality is currently not available when personalizing list reports.

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