How to change the TinyMCE's default 'Insert Link Target' from 'None (use implicit)' to another option such as 'New window (_blank)'


This article details how to customize the TinyMCE's Insert/Modify Link functionality to change the default Target: 'None (use implicit)' to another option such as 'New Window (_blank)'


1) Navigate to the UI Page "html_insert_link_dialog"

2) On the HTML field of this record scroll to around line 45/46 where it says:

<g2:ui_select_option text="${gs.getMessage('None (use implicit)')}" value="" selected="$[jvar_selected_target]" />

3) Change the value attribute of the line from:

value="" to value="_self"

*Value of empty and value of _self are the same. The reason why we're doing this is so the system will not default to this option. It will always default to an option that has value=""

4) Now pick any other option that you want to be the new default and move this to the top, replacing the position that "None (use implicit)" previously occupied. It should look like this:

5) Save the change and now when using the Insert/Modify Link functionality, it should now default to Target: 'New window (_blank)' (assuming this was the option you've selected to be the default)

Applicable Versions

All versions that use TinyMCE

Additional Information

Please note that this will customize the OOB "html_insert_link_dialog" UI Page so if ServiceNow updates this UI Page in the future, that update to this UI Page will be skipped. You may consider reverting back to OOB prior to upgrading the instance if you'd like to receive the ServiceNow update to this UI Page and then re-apply the customization after.

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Last Updated:2019-08-02 21:15:28