Having a manual approval as the first approval in a workflow or in an approval co-ordinator does not work if there are no steps before to allow time for a manual approver to be assigned.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Create a simple workflow with an approval coordinator against any table, for example, incident.

  2. Add a manual approval inside the coordinator with default settings.

  3. Add a group approval inside the coordinator with default settings and use the network group.

  4. Create a record in the table you created workflow against (for example, incident) to kick off the workflow.

  5. Open the workflow context and show the workflow.

    Manual approval shows blue or skipped while group approval shows green.

  6. Add a manual approver (for example, Abel Tuter from the demo data) and leave as not requested.

  7. Refresh the workflow.

    The manual workflow still shows as skipped.

  8. Approve the group approval by selecting one of the users in the related list in the record and approve.

  9. Refresh the workflow.

    The workflow is ended as group has been approved and manual has been skipped.



  • If you can upgrade, see the Fixed In field for information about the version that has a permanent fix. In addition, you will also need to add the property glide.manual.approval.pickup_on_update and set it to true.

  • If you cannot upgrade, in the Manual - Approver workflow activity definition, add the following lines to the bottom of the _requestApprovals function temporarily and uncheck customer update.

       if (approvalIds.length == 0) {
    activity.state = "finished";
    activity.result = "skipped";
    activity.scratchpad.approval_ids = approvalIds;


Related Problem: PRB1115684

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Jakarta Patch 4

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