Alerts are not closed when the related Incident state is Resolved/Closed





We have an OOB scheduled job "Event Management - create/resolved incidents by alerts". This job is responsible for calling the script includes that are responsible for checking the evt_mgmt.incident_closes_alert sys property.

By Default, OOB when we upgrade to London, the alert action rules are deprecated and so this scheduled job is set to "inactive" resulting in alert action rules not getting triggered.


There are 2 scenarios here: 

1. We do not recommend to use both alert action rules and the alert management rules at the same time and that is the reason why we recommend users to migrate the alert action rules to alert management rules. 

2. You can simply set that job to active=true, doing so will resolve the issue but in future, if you want to migrate these alert action rules to management rules (with this scheduled job as active), then this will create duplicates. So when you migrate alert action rules, this job needs to be inactive. 

Bottom line: 

Please migrate these alert action rules and this should fix the issue. 
If you do not want to migrate then set the schedule job to true and make sure the action rules are not migrated. 


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Last Updated:2019-08-02 20:55:35